Pro Tips

  • Use Chrome or Firefox. (link)
  • Close your browser tab when you are done working. (link)
  • Add My EP to your cell phone home page or desktop for quick access. (link)
  • There’s no need to change your lesson numbers yourself. (link)
  • We have facebook groups for each state to help you understand your state law. (link)
  • Use the placement guides instead of just using a grade level. (link)
  • Once-a-Week classes know when to show up and will do so properly when you mark your day complete each day. (link)
  • You can do more than one lesson at a time, if you desire. (link)
  • At the bottom of most high school courses there are polls where students have let us know how much time they spend on a course and how hard they thought it was. It could help you balance harder and easier courses in a course load.
  • EP is not a school, just a curriculum resource. We cannot provide any documentation. Please find out what documentation your school/district will ask for if you plan on returning to school or for any college you are wanting to apply to.
  • EP is FREE! You do NOT need to give a donation to have an account.