What Do I Need to Buy?

You don’t NEED to buy anything.

Quick note: Printables are worksheets for the online courses. Workbooks along with Guides are for working offline completely. Use the store links to get the most up-to-date versions of the books.

Use the placement guides to choose courses. Choose books for your child’s courses, not grade level. Their course-specific books can be found in your My EP account.

PRINTABLES are a convenience so that you don’t have to print the worksheets used in the courses and can have them all bound in one place and ready to go.

WORKBOOKS are 180-days of work, something for every day. These can be used with the GUIDES to be a complete offline course. These can also be used along with the online course to have available to switch back and forth between using the computer and being offline as is desired and convenient for your family.

If you are using the workbooks along with the online course, you don’t need the guide and can find the answer keys online.

GUIDES have the answer keys as well as the extras necessary to make the workbooks into a full offline course.

Everything you need is online and available for free. There are many times you are asked to print worksheets. Our PRINTABLES are those worksheets. We’ve put them together as books so that you don’t have to print and can have all the worksheets together in one place. These are low cost. If you don’t want to print or buy, consider having your child write their answers in a notebook, take screen shots and open the worksheet image in a picture editor and type/draw on the image with the photo editor, create their own version (for lapbooks), or answer orally.

Have more questions about buying or printing books?